Champagne Chassenay


Embodying the artistry of unity in pursuit of excellence, Chassenay Champagne is the remarkable fruit of a harmonious alliance between 130 fervently dedicated wine-producing families. Their collective expertise, curated since 1956, has honed a shared passion for crafting exceptional Champagnes, characterized by an unwavering commitment to tradition, superior craftsmanship, and the sustainable stewardship of vineyards nestled in the esteemed Kimmeridgian soil and calcareous marl of the Côte des Bar. Acknowledged with prestigious certifications and global admiration, each distinct cuvée - with Pinot Noir reigning as the undisputed queen in the Aube - is a testament to their joint ethos, standing as an exquisite expression of this shared ambition that beautifully illustrates the power of togetherness in the grand tapestry of winemaking.

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