Clos du Notaire


Amélie Osmond and Victor Mischler are the dynamic duo revitalizing "Clos du Notaire," a vineyard steeped in history that harks back to Roman times. After years of rigorous winemaking education, their shared passion for viticulture and oenology led them to take the helm of this cherished winery. Their devotion preserves its distinguished reputation, while their audacious vision brings in a surge of fresh energy and inventive methods. Injecting a dash of rebellion into Bordeaux, they're part of the "Bordeaux Pirates," a collective shaking up the wine scene by embracing a spectrum of wine styles that challenge the region's conventional norms. Their wines, like "L’Usufruit," embody this philosophy and have become trendsetters in their own right. Amélie and Victor are not just making wine; they are setting the stage for Bordeaux's exciting future, offering a blend of tradition and innovation that signals a new era in the region's illustrious winemaking history.

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