Torre Raone


It started over a game of cards between two lifelong friends one evening in a caffe in Tollo, Abruzzo in 1996. Nestled in Abruzzo’s hills, near the entrance to the Gran Sasso National Park, they discovered a mixed use farm with stables, fifteen hectares of vines, three hectares of olives, 14 hectares of grain and an ancient observation tower constructed by the Normans in the 11th century. Luciano and Antonio began the transformation of farmland into vine, and by 2005, they brought their total hectares under vine to 29. The winery is certified organic and dedicated to keeping the soils and the products "alive". Today, Torre Raone is run by Dante, the son of Luciano who alongside "superstar" consulting enologist Emiliano Falsini crafts beautiful representatives of the classic Abruzzos varietals.

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